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SugarLike Club

Welcome to the SugarLike Club!

Do you love SugarLike and want to get special rewards? Then register an account to join the SugarLike Club! Under "Customer Group" click 'Club Members' 

Click here to Join the SugarLike Club

The SugarLike club is a brand new, exclusive club where members get access to exclusive benefits that you can't find anywhere else! 

Why Join the SugarLike Club? 

SugarLike Club members get access to

  1. Exclusive discounted prices 
  2. Exclusive products
  3. SugarLike branded merchandise (cooler bags, coffee mugs, t shirts)
  4. Exclusive promotions
  5. Exclusive recipes
  6. Exclusive contests and giveaways
  7. Cooking & baking classes

And much more!!!

How to Join:

To register as a club member, go to and register to create a club member account. We'll approve your account and you'll be ready to take advantage of all the amazing things the SugarLike Club has to offer. 

Club Points: 

To sweeten the deal even more, if you join the SugarLike Club we'll give you reward points which can be used to make a purchase! Each reward point is equal to $1 CAD

  1. You pay us $25 and we'll give you 30 reward points
  2. You pay us $50 and we'll give you 60 reward points
  3. You pay us $100 and we'll give you 120 reward points

Purchase the club points item on and we'll add the points to your account!

Another way to earn reward points is through purchases. For each order you make, we will add a reward point to your account. That means after 10 orders, you'll be eligible to buy another SugarLike product for free! 

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