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Our Story

Our mission is to make the world a better place with healthy sweets

After losing her aunt to diabetes, our founder, Lily Zou, started this company with one goal in mind: To help make our world a better place with healthy sweeteners. With this goal in mind, our natural sweeteners are made only from plants and fruits, with no artificial ingredients. 

Lily put her experience in food science to formulate SugarLike Encapsulated sweetener. No more side effects of artificial sweeteners. No more bad aftertaste. Everyone can now satisfy their sweet cravings without compromising their health.

How it all began

Auntie was a positive influence on our family. She went out of her way to bring joy and pleasure to little ones. When we wanted to give back to her in her later years, we could not. Because of diabetes, she was gone too soon.

This is what prompted our founder to start SugarLike sweeteners. To give people a chance to eat healthy, sweet foods and avoid the devastating diseases like diabetes.

We use only natural ingredients, which contribute sweetness but not the calories. This way you can still enjoy the sweet tasting food that we all crave while staying away from the negative effects of sugar.

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