Somebody recently asked why SugarLike is better than anything else – Stevia, Xylitol etc. Here are six reasons than come to mind.

1. SugarLike is best tasting alternative to sugar – taste is like sugar, not a hint of monk fruit metallic taste or distinctive flavor.
2. SugarLike is 1X, same sweetness as sugar.  Not concentrated, so you don’t have to measure or change your recipe or usage.
3. SugarLike is not concentrated so you can easily taste it as is.  (concentrated sweeteners are often bitter to taste)
4. SugarLike is not concentrated so no need to fill the recipe with something else to replace the sugar content.
5. SugarLike is zero Calorie Sweetener so diabetics and health consious people can enjoy sweet foods without added calories
6. SugarLike has zero GI.  Glycemic Index measures the blood glucose spike that comes right after eating sugar.  Many of the so-called healthy sweeteners have very high GI. e.g. Agave, Evaporated cane juice.