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02 Jun Trying Keto with SugarLike
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Like all of us, the holiday season meant lots of eating and drinking with friends and family, and as a consequence…. weight gain. New Years came around and I decided enough is enough, my resolution is to lose 30 lbs. Unlike the past, this would be the year I would get serious and lose the weight for..
27 May Solving Pregnancy Cookie Cravings
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SugarLikeCookies. Sweet sugary cookies were all I could think about. Every week, my pregnancy cravings got worse and worse. The worst part? I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, meaning I couldn’t eat any cookies at all. This made me very sad and I was left desperate to find a way to..
17 May A Sweetener That Is Actually Good For You 2
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When it comes to choosing a sweetener that is right for you, there are many ways to assess:Is it all natural?Is it plant-based?Is it low on the glycemic index?While these are important questions, there is one question that you should at to the top of your list:How much nutritional value does the swe..
22 Jun Bill C-237 - A promising future for diabetes 2
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Attention all diabetics, advocates and supporters. Today is a special day! Bill C-237, which is an act to establish a national diabetes framework in Canada, was officially passed in Parliament today! The passing of this bill makes it a law that Canada must establish a national diabetes framework to ..
21 Apr Your Ultimate Sweetener Guide To Baking
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Having trouble converting a sugar replacement for sugar?Does your baked good turn out too bland or too sweet?Or maybe you have found the perfect sweet spot but the texture isn’t quite right. No matter what you do, just can’t get it right.Struggling to make your cupcake soft, sweet, and fudgy like th..
21 Apr The Break Through Sugar Reduction in Bakery
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Baked with SugarLike Encapsulated SweetenerHaving trouble converting a sugar substitute for sugar?Does your baked good turn out too bland or too sweet?Or maybe you have found the perfect sweet spot but the texture isn’t quite right. No matter what you do, just can’t get it right.Struggling to make y..
20 Apr SugarLike Monk Fruit: The Best Low Carb Sweetener
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The one thing that you may crave the most when you first start the keto diet is sweets. But cutting out carbs doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave the sweetness out! With monk fruit, you can sweeten your way to ketosis.Monk fruit, known as Luo Han Guo or Swingle fruit, is a type of gourd that ..
15 Apr Resting Keto Face Vanilla Cake with SugarLike
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RKF Keto Product ScoreTaste: 10/10“Flavour wise this is honestly one of the best ones that I’ve ever had…this is the best keto sweetener for baking”Resting Keto Face super-versatile vanilla keto cake Youtube recipePlease note that Autumn only provides HONEST product reviews and ratingsJUMP TO HER RE..
11 Apr Six reasons to buy SugarLike Encapsulated Monk Fruit
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Somebody recently asked why SugarLike is better than anything else – Stevia, Xylitol etc. Here are six reasons than come to mind. 1. SugarLike is best tasting alternative to sugar – taste is like sugar, not a hint of monk fruit metallic taste or distinctive flavor. 2. SugarLike is 1X, same sweetnes..
20 Mar Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes & Cut Down Sugar With 3 Simple Steps
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Sugar is not the cause of diabetes. But cutting sugar from your diet can definitely help and may even reverse your pre-diabetes diagnosis. If you don’t believe it, you can read Sheryl Huggins Salomon’s story.Sugar is BAD for you, whether or not you have diabetes. It contributes to increased risk of ..
05 Mar Is Erythritol Keto-Friendly?
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YES IT IS!Fast facts about erythritol:It contains far fewer calories than sugar and has 0 glycemic indexErythritol has 60-80% of the sweet taste of table sugarErythritol seems to cause fewer digestive problems than other sugar alcoholsTastes better than other sugar alcoholsPreferred sugar substitute..
01 Mar SugarLike Encapsulated Sweetener
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"Zero Calories. Zero Compromise."SugarLike is not your regular zero calorie sweetener. SugarLike was created with your health in mind.Lily Zou, our founder, created SugarLike® to be the best-tasting and 100% natural sweetener. Let people enjoy sweet foods without compromising their health. The bigge..
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